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arts review 2008

from a strictly financial point of view, this was not a good film qubcois for anne. but from the point of view of cinmatographique, that was my humble opinion, anne rich and inspiring « barber’s mom, very touching film, the wedding banquet, the pool, the cry of the heart for the first sbastien rose and posie and mankind, the universe of fred pellerin delivered successfully by luc picard. add this fearsome effectiveness of erik canuel to a gem like vido’s price and viral culture in that way, you have a cinma and diversified. well done. read more

in all ten songs in concert

the ann in order karkwa i and louis john cormier. for the first time, it was in the local rptition group, on the album the wind volume. secondly, it was to talk about the concept of tnm karkwatson, telephone to talk about the event, and the matter had factor four, matter, it’s not nothing. karkwa has marked the anne as a person. this is why. read the suiteen as far as i’m concerned, the music of the vnement anne montral (and more) was a performance of leonard cohen’s place des arts in late june. three miracles; under the control of a septuagnaire regaillardi, nergis, highly inspired. read more

first of all, a regret, one for this year which ends, i’ll return to scne there of leonard cohen, with the hope that the clbre montralais returns a (final). tower of song. read more

at the top of the anne 2008 in classical music are the vnements centennial of olivier messiaen and mainly the version, tense for more than five hours, the ambitious st. franois opra air max 2015 foundation, kent nagano and the symphony orchestra of the intgrales montral, and his organ music, a patrick wedd in eight rcitals, the original deed by 10 organists in one day. read more

a small victory for louise richer, director of the national school of comedy. the humour is not matter of scne, gala and was tlvis comments to those who practice with succs. in october, she was to open the doors of a flag of the public to present a seminar on with pride. so we trace its history, discussed between comedy and dtracteurs and it shows the benefits of lau air max 2015 ghter on the left. read more

the inspiration of contemporary art is a very big hit air max 2015 that year with its first year of art qubcois, very good legacy of dmissionnaire director marc mayer. this is our thing is unanimous. read more

the best and the worst, worst

the thtre montral is often a variation on the bad with my colleague, i remember priodiquement marie christine « , which covered the scnes the city for several years. in 2008 the pirisme drugs empire? not really. but let’s be honest: the best there has been this year. especially in the last few months. read more

in 2008, many young people have the chorgraphes shivering. stphane gladyszewski, strong, big hit with mtha / physic, mlanie demers made us shudder with f air max 2015 iber and wadge chanti will never ends, we envoter. the great andrew turner has also been dcouvrir talents chorgraphe, storyteller, and comedy. read more